But Then Again


Compelling novel about friendship and parenthood in a time when we are afraid to make choices

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Typotex (Hungary)
Turbine (Denmark)

* English sample translation available*

‘An amusing book, full of humor, about the absurdities in the everyday life of a working mother.’
Eni Rostás, Könyvesblog.

But Then Again describes four days in the life of Mascha. She lives in Amsterdam, has a good job just like her boyfriend, and together they have two children. She leads a life that appears typical for our time, when social media and freedom of choice make life more fun, but also more complicated. We chat, WhatsApp, tweet, Facebook and find love online.

These four days in Mascha’s life paint a contemporary picture to which many will relate. She enjoys wild evenings with her friends, does her best to be a good mother, puts her relationship under the microscope, and has a secret Facebook affair. Every day she struggles with her responsibilities.

But Then Again is an exceptionally rich novel, which depicts not only the adventures of a young woman, but also tackles the important issues of our time – a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to make choices.


‘But Then Again offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a modern woman in all her guises. Poignant, philosophical thoughts shine through the mun- dane. Excellent work!’ – SASKIA DE COSTER


‘What makes this novel so new, exciting and rich is the sophisticated way in which she inserts psychological, philosophical and social layers throughout the story.’ – TROUW

‘Vivacious and modern.’ – JAN MAGAZINE

‘Painfully recognizable.’ – VERONICA MAGAZINE

‘With this thought-provoking novel, Loontjens demonstrates the power of literature.’ – DE TIJD


‘There aren’t any ordinary people out there; if we examine anybody closely enough, we discover that they are unique, exciting and individual in their own way – the genius of Jannah Loontjens is to see people in this way.’
Hahó Grozdits, Librarius.hu

‘Jannah Loontjens seeks to convey the complexity of female social roles from the perspective of women and identity. The female body and mind occupy the spaces between the characters, providing the essential theme of the novel – to understand, to apprehend.’
Borbála Ferenczi, Könyguru

‘The novel is full of ambiguity, recognition, promise, and doubt.’
Katalin Baranyi, Katherine’s Bookstore

‘Loontjens challenges taboos about women and motherhood in literature.’
Ágnes Szucs, Vasarnapi Hirek


‘Kender I det, når man læser en bog, som man kan tage med sig overalt? Man kan læse et par enkelte sider eller fem, mens man står og venter på, at kaffen er løbet igennem, eller man kan nuppe 100 sider i rap. Måske ikke alligevel er sådan en bog, og det er bestemt ikke en skidt ting.’

‘En gribende og lettere komisk fortælling, som på samme tid er både genkendelig og fjern.’